we believe a good cannabis experience shouldn't be a gamble

We make our cannabis products with 100% pure cannabis oil and isolate in a perfectly blended mixture to ensure accurate dosing and a consistent experience no matter which flavor you savour or blend you prefer. No guessing or stressing, just a worry-free time.

No Fluff, All Impact

Intended to enhance, not overtake

Impactful, Affordable, High Quality, Consistent, Made in BC

Experienced Cannabis Users

Our team’s diverse expertise and personal use is critically important to confidently creating effective products.

Advanced Formulations

We’ve solved product homogeneity and demarcating mg servings dose transparency creating effective standards.

Standards and Practice

All of our manufacturing processes are built on best-in-class standards and practices at every stage.

We're a team, on a mission, to help you

Our story began when we decided to formulate some “special gummies” as an alternative to some of the harsh opioids available in pharmacies. Our goal was to help ease daily stresses in life focusing on assisting our bodies variety of states including general pain, temperature, weight, sleep, thirst and hunger (EVEN-ing out our homeostasis). When people told us our gummies tasted as good as they made them feel, it was all we needed to hear. Those gummies grew up to be EVEN brand – a wider range of trusted, award winning formulations across several product categories and one of the top 5 brands in two different States in the USA.

Loved for our safe, plant-based, natural, impactful benefits.

Trusted for original formulations.

Made to deliver consistent experiences.

Something that helps you #GETEVEN mentally and physically.

Focus on Quality and Consistency

Back in the day, consuming and applying Cannabis could be compared to spinning the roulette wheel. Vape, Edible, and Topical consumption / application meant risk because effect and dose were a mystery. Our founders helped change that. By solving for product homogeneity and demarcating mg servings or package size using unique formulations that made it easy to understand how much they were using, EVEN became does transparency pioneers and helped establish the standard seen today.

manufacturing and facility

EVEN is powered by Leaf Infusions, a Federally Licensed state-of-the-art Health Canada facility, utilizing their world class GMP/EU 17,000 square foot advanced manufacturing located in the West Coast of Canada, in British Columbia, in the Heart of Metro Vancouver.

standard processing license

sales license amendment

R&D License

CRA License

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